Races of Hortia


The Deva held the only nation that homo-racial. The Deva nation was the first decimated by the Great Hortian War. They paired with a purple dragon just before they were attacked. As such, Deva are rare, but relatively respected among the populations.


Dragonborn are rarely seen in Hortia. They are the loyal servants of Tiamat, and are extremely prejudiced by other races for bringing the false moon to Hortia. Any Dragonborns have to deal with discrimination at nearly every turn, including distrust in a village, denial of services, or even aggression by village militia in a city.


The Dwarfs once had a massive mountainside civilization, but many centuries prior to the Great Hortian War the mountain was taken over by a Red Dragon. Displaced, Dwarfs spread across the land, and are nearly as common as humans. As such, most peoples accept Dwarfs and even have a slight advantage in prices among some Dwarf merchants.


The Eladrin were more than rarely seen in Hortia, even before the Great Hortian War. The destruction caused by the false moon took out any connection of Hortia to the feywild, and thus no Eladrin have been seen in the past 20 years.


Elves, like the Dwarfs, were displaced by a dragon before the Great Hortian War and assimilated into the surrounding cultures. The Elves soon became aristocracy within many cities, and the greatest generals during the war were Elven. Elves are polarizing people, either garnering great respect or great disdain.


Gnomes were run out of the Feywild decades before the war, and have been accepted into the Hortian societies, mostly as servants to Elves. They are universally disrespected, but are able to slip into any village relatively unnoticed due to that disrespect.


Goliaths were invaluable assets to most armies during the Great Hortian War. Their numbers, of course, were decimated due to the false moon, but a handful still exist in the mountain ranges that were untouched by the larger civilizations.


Half-Elves are usually the bastard children of Elven aristocrats. They are usually orphaned or killed upon birth. Some Elves secretly support their children, though those are rare cases. They are also disliked by Humans, who find them equally disgusting.


Orcs were systematically wiped out throughout Hortia as the first act of the alliance between the five great nations of Hortia, and half-orcs were part of that purge. If Half-Orcs exist, they were hidden from the world during the purge, and will have very little knowledge of their orcish heritage.


Halflings and Gnomes are commonly seen in the same groupings, and share the same acceptance from society. Many Halflings, therefore, will avoid areas where Elves are near to prevent this discrimination. Some bulkier Halflings can pass as dwarfs, though, and will dress and act as if they are Dwarven.


Humans are the prevalent race in Hortia. They are the movers and shakers of most villages, and follow the gamut from industrious to cowardly. Humans usually have the benefit of the doubt from most villages, and have the most potential for having prestige.

Longtooth/Razorclaw Shifter

Shifters were thought to be decimated during the purge caused by the false moon. Their animalistic instincts were naturally greedy, but the moon seemed to only destroy those with material greed. Shifters have remained distant from the world at large, fearing persecution because of their lycanthropic heritage.


Tieflings have not been seen in society in many hundreds of years. They instead have run most major metropolitan areas behind the scenes. After the false moon nearly all Tieflings were destroyed, though some older Tieflings have emerged as elders to help rebuild the now-ruined world.


Warforged were built during the Great Hortian War to bulk up the ranks on all sides. Since they are constructs, they could not feel greed and thus were untouched when the false moon appeared. Most have been changed by the magics, though, and have developed personalities. They mostly keep to themselves in smaller villages, but some have become mercenaries and bandits.

Races of Hortia

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