Dramatis Personae

Kava Kava

Kava was eight years old when her parents, followers of Tiamet, helped to create the False Moon that decimated the world. She followed her parents up to the surface world and observed the False Moon activate. Horrified by the experience, Kava left the Enclave of Tiamet and wandered into the barren wilderness. Nearly killed by exposure, Kava had a vision of Melora, the goddess of the sea and wilderness. Melora guided Kava to the city of Webwood, where she received training to be a Paladin. Armed with Faith in Melora’s might, Kava is bound to save the world that her parents destroyed.

Keyleth Keyleth

Keyleth was born on the day of the False Moon, and was the offspring of an Elf Aristocrat and his Human mistress. The mother, fearing Keyleth’s death, hid the child in a caravan headed for Webwood. The caravan was destroyed half-way to Webwood when the False Moon appeared, and a wandering Bard found Keyleth and took her to Webwood, where he trained her until she was ten. He then disappeared from Keyleth’s life, leaving only his organetto.

Manneo Manneo

Manneo, as a small boy, was kidnapped by raiders. When the raiders passed through Webwood to sell the Goliath youngling, (at four years old Manneo already stood four-foot tall) Manneo broke free of his chains and killed the raiders with his bare hands. As he killed the last raider, Manneo roared so loudly that thunder clapped, and the god Dol Dorn appeared to Manneo and gave him the charge to become a Barbarian. Dol Dorn then challened the boy to a duel when he was ready to fight the god. Manneo became a hunter and gatherer for Webwood after the False Moon destroyed much of the village. HE DIED.

Regdar Regdar

Regdar was already 43 years old when the False Moon scorched the forest land he called home. It was a horrifying sight to Regdar, but also a horrifying feeling, as he felt the energy of the forest disappear instantly. A hermited Druid, Regdar wandered to Webwood disillusioned and seriously ill. Regdar has been in Webwood since he recovered physically, but can be found at the town pub drowning himself in mead; his mind broken by the disaster. HE PROBABLY DIED.

Rune Rune

Gaius Gaius

Dramatis Personae

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