Under the False Moon

Verse 4

The Order of the Second Wind enjoyed their day in the tavern. Keyleth had too good a time, actually, and played a drinking game called “Drink for Pegasus” where every time someone said Pegasus she drank. After four or five drinks, she began to sing “Pegasus is the Best” where the chorus contained no less than 5 mentions of the Winged Dice God. While this was going on, Rune was playing Three-card-Marney and beating the swindler handily. Kava was paying close attention to her friend to make sure she wouldn’t need assistance, and Gaius was furiously writing notes about the events thus far. During their debauchery, a half-elf farmer burst into the tavern.

The farmer said that he was in need of adventurers for an urgent problem in his home of Halindos. Apparently the normally docile pixies and animals have been acting aggressive since the forests have returned to their original vitality. The Order of the Second Wind traveled to Halindos and as soon as they entered the city Keyleth fell seriously ill.

The Order of the Second Wind searched for an inn, and after asking a passerby and Rune using his binocular vision, they quickly found the Gray Chrysanthemum. With Keyleth safely indoors, they started to discern her illness. They found that Keyleth had intense abdominal pains. The party left to the market so that Rune could search for herbs to treat her. Kava asked a woman at the market about her friend’s trouble and if she could help. The woman looked at the group strangely and pointed them in the direction of the town physician. Rune, unable to find the physician’s home, started pulling up the root-like houses. Gaius joined in on the action, bouncing from rooftop to rooftop looking for the physician’s office. They eventually found the physician’s home.

The old man listened intently to the description of Keyleth’s pains, and he said “Of course! I encounter that problem constantly. I’m surprised you don’t know what’s going on. Unfortunately, I don’t have the materials I need. I’ll need you to go out and bring me three bolts of Blue Lanolin. You won’t find any in town, though. South of town there are four Orc Shepherds who keep Blue Sheep.

The three party members found the Orcs south of town tending their sheep. As they approached, they saw a wolf rush towards the Blue Sheep, and the Orcs quickly charged the wolf with their weapons and killed the wolf. They approached them from behind. Gaius tried to communicate to them in Giant, but was unable to form the correct words. Kava jumped into the nearby tree, and a Brutish Orc began to yell into the tree. He was ineffective in intimidating the Dragonborn, but he decided that there couldn’t be anything in a tree if the tree were chopped down. He charged the tree and sliced it nearly in half.

Gaius made himself visible and started flinging arrows at the Orc’s leader. The leader charged Gaius and thrust his Glaive into Guy. The attack seemed to heal the leader, and the arrow that was stuck in his body eked itself out. Rune began attacking the brutish Orc but couldn’t penetrate his armor. Two other Orcs shot arrows and threw axes at Gaius and Rune, but were relatively ineffective.

Kava, noticing the trouble, spewed her poison breath onto the battlefield, which invigorated Rune. Gaius dropped the leader of the Orcs, but he regained his consciousness. The Orc brute tried to attack the tree again, but his Greataxe was stuck in the tree. He put too much force into pulling out the axe, and it slipped from his hands and swung straight towards the awakened leader, decapitating him.

Gaius did not fare so well. His arrows missed the Orc bowman, and the Orc rushed him and nearly felled Guy. He forced him to surrender and then asked about their assault. The Orc bowman stopped the fighting and explained that they could have just asked for the lanolin. Gaius, Rune, and Kava apologized and Kava healed the three Orcs who were alive. Rune helped the brute cut down the rest of the tree. They returned to the physician with a bundle of wood for wands and the lanolin. The physician took one of the wands, broke it in half, and spun the lanolin around the stick, creating a slender, cylindrical woolen object.

The Order of the Second Wind brought the item to Keyleth. She looked relieved and rushed into the loo. She returned saying that she would be fine in a week, and she hoped they didn’t have to go through too much trouble to get her feminine product. The rest of the party left the inn and quickly played their own game of “Drink for Pegasus” at the closest tavern. The barkeep wondered what curse the group had been under, since the only word they could say was “Pegasus.”



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