Under the False Moon

Verse 3

The clanking figure was actually a Warforged Warden and Half-Elf Ranger. They introduced themselves as Rune and Gaius, and they spoke with Kava and Keyleth deep into the night. As they slept, Kava was visited by Melora, who moved her to become a Cleric and leave her Paladin ways behind. Keyleth was visited by a beautiful White Dragon covered in Polyhedrons. He proclaimed that he was Pegasus, and that he had chosen Keyleth to be the first of his many disciples. Keyleth awoke and asked Kava for basic training in Clerical powers. When morning broke, they went into Regdar’s hut, only to find him laying awkwardly. Thinking he was hurt, Kava moved closer to heal him, only to see Regdar turn into a swarm of locusts and scatter away.

The Four went back to Webwood to report to the Spider Deity, only to find that she had given birth. The thousands of spiderlings had cannibalized her, and turned their gnashing fangs on Our Heroes.

Very quickly, the battle looked easily won; the spiders were held in a choke point, and they were quickly wearing down the swarm. Gaius moved to the back wall at the beginning of the battle and had been inaptly shooting arrows at the swarms. After the first large cluster was defeated, though, the other two fit through the choke point and began attacking Our Heroes in earnest.

Kava was the first to be brutally damaged by the spiders, but Keyleth was ready with her newly-learned healing abilities. Rune also was quickly put into danger of death by the multiple maws. Keyleth was constantly bitten, but her Mark of the Spider Deity kept her from being affected by their poison. With all of their ranged attacks, though, all four heroes kept shifting backwards.

Driven back to the cavern walls, Kava, Keyleth, and Rune all nearly succumbed to the spiders. Kava remembered she was a Dragonborn, and let out a massive poisonous blast. The resistance that the Spiderlings had against her poison was offset by the vast quantity of it. The Spiderlings eventually got the better of the intrepid three, and the Spiderlings chose to finish off Keyleth, but just missed their mark. Rune, with his soon to be dying breath, said “You guys… have got to be…without a doubt…the worst. clerics. ever. With three of the team down, Gaius deftly ran behind the swarm, (as behind as a swarm can be) and acted quickly to dispatch the last swarm to save his new friends.

The Ghost of the Spider Deity appeared before Gaius. It screamed that the world now belonged to Lolth, and then disappeared. Gaius decided against telling his now-conscious friends, and they burned down the Spider Temple and spent the night in the tavern telling of their previous adventures and playing parlor games.



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