Under the False Moon

Verse 2

After mourning their lost member, the Spider Deity warned Our Heroes that there were other Spider Deities in the neighboring villages who were just as ill, and charged them with healing them. They set out on their newly-acquired spider mounts to the other villages. There was nothing of import until they were on their way from Webwood to Willowveil.

A beaten-up old man flagged them off and told them his caravan was hijacked by raiders who had camped not far from the trail. Our Heroes were lead to the encampment and they charged into the first building. The building was where slaves were being held, but the team had just missed the latest shipment. They surprised the enemy, though, and dug in for a tough fight. The first two guards were extremely tough, and Kava dropped quickly. Regdar was ready, though, and revived Kava twice, draining their potions supplies. The fight was not over, though, and just as Regdar moved to the middle of the building and threw out a fog of insects, Kava fell for a third time.

With no way to heal herself, and her friends dealing with the numerous raiders, Kava was visited by the spirit of Manneo. He dragged Kava’s body into a safe area and created a healing circle. This proved to be the boon that Our Heroes needed, as they rallied around the circle and fought off the last of the raiders.

After taking a short breather, they moved towards the leader’s encampment. When they entered the earthen hovel, Regdar blacked out. Keyleth noticed that the hovel was at least 40 years old, and by the markings on the walls, must have belonged to a Druid at some point. Seeing his home again after 20 years, Regdar went into a blind rage. A rage because of his memories, and blind because the leader of the raiders threw blinding powder into all three of our heroes’ eyes. Fighting off their blindness, they quickly dispatched the leader, with Keyleth dealing the final blow. Picking up the limp body of the leader, Regdar looked at the raider and said, “nice house, I think I’ll take it.” and thrust his spear into the leader’s face.

Another short rest and they rushed into the small barracks. One of the raiders escaped with as many treasures as he could hold, but the party was able to take on the rest of the raiders. Kava deftly jumped over the small bar, but Keyleth had a more difficult time flipping over the table, and fell on her face. The rest of the battle went without consequence, and Our Heroes found gold and more potions for their trouble. The trader’s caravan was nowhere to be seen, though. The group traveled to Willowveil and healed the last spider, and went back to Regdar’s home to rest. Just as they fell asleep, though, a large dark figure clanked his way towards the group…



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